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Vitamin C + Elderberry
Helps fortify the body’s natural immune defenses.



Vitamin C + Elderberry
Helps fortify the body’s natural immune defenses. For you, if you are looking for immune defense and respiratory support. The active ingredients in Vitamin C + Elderberry can:

  • Promote immune defense
  • Support respiratory health
  • Enhance antioxidant potential
  • Support healthy barrier integrity of the airways, skin and GI tract
  • Vitamin C + Elderberry is a potent combination of vitamin C and black elderberry, designed to support immune defenses throughout the year to help get you over unexpected health challenges.

Your Immune Force Field

  • Elderberry – Helps support production of vital immune molecules and cellular antioxidant potential while deterring unwanted invaders.
  • Vitamin C – Vital antioxidant nutrient that supports white blood cell production and lung defenses to help optimize immune and respiratory health.
  • Vitamin E as delta tocotrienols – Safeguards delicate cell membranes to help shield against the effects of seasonal challenges. Delta tocotrienols offer 50x the antioxidant activity of tocopherols, the form of vitamin E used in many competitor supplement
  • Unsurpassed Absorption – Typical Elderberry and vitamin C products have poor bioavailability. Liposomal technology has been found to significantly enhance the absorption of these nutrients.



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