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Argo Pury - Luftrenser

kr 9 500,00

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Dekker inntil 30 m2


Argo Pury
Stort bærehåndtak, enkel å transportere
Autofunksjon og tre hastigheter fjernkontrol
Forfilter Hepa filter / kullfilter bakteriedrepende filter / ionefunksjon
Dekker inntil 30 m2
Mediumstore oppholdsrom og soverom


Depending on the detected air quality AQI LED assumes a different colour

Multi - stage filtration with true HEPA13


ARGO PURY, the air purifier that you can always bring with you thanks to its comfortable handle. HEPA filter, together with pre-filter and active carbon filter guarantee maximum efficiency of filtration against odors, pollens, fine dust, viruses, bacteria, volatile organic or any gas that may arise from domestic activities; to make the air even fresher and lighter, it releases negative ions.



Original and charming design, high quality materials
Pure white finishing, mat effect
Digital control panel with operation LEDs
It purifies the air by eliminating odours, smoke and pollen, viruses and bacteria, moulds, fine particles, volatile organic substances and any toxic gases generated by domestic activities

Air sensor: depending on the detected air quality AQI LED assumes a different colour: blue-good quality, orange- medium quality, red-low quality
Intelligent auto mode: it automatically regulates the fan speed according to the air quality

Great purification efficiency thanks to multi-stage filtration: • pre-filter
• active carbon filter
• HEPA filter

3 fan speed, selectable by control panel
“Ionization” function, for a fresh and light air
“Sleep” function, for maximum silence: LED intensity is reduced to the minimum
Warning led for replacement of HEPA filter and active carbon filter
Washable pre-filter
Operation timer 1-2-4-8 hours





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