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Argo Pury Baby - Luftrenser

kr 4 400,00

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Dekker inntil 16m2


Argo Pury baby
Forfilter Hepa filter / kullfilter bakteriedrepende filter
3 hastigheter
Dekker inntil 16m2
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Central soft touch control panel, with LED ring, with chromatic variation

Light indication on display when filter needs to be replaced


PURY BABY, the smallest of the Argo purifiers range: it takes up little space, and it can be positioned on a support surface or on the floor. It is very effective against odors, smoke, pollen, bacteria, fine dust, volatile organic substances and gas generated by domestic activity. The presence of the HEPA filter, in combination with the pre-filter and activate carbon filter is a warranty of maximum filtration efficiency.



Attractive design, compact size
Beautiful pure white finish, matt effect, design details Small but effective, it removes odors, smoke and pollen, bacteria, mold, fine dust, volatile organic substances and any toxic gases from domestic activity
High purification efficiency, thanks to multi-stage filtration: Pre-filter
Active carbon filter
HEPA filter
Particulate filtration efficiency: CADR 130 m
3/h Recommended for surfaces up to 16 m2
Central soft touch digital control panel
Original decorative LED ring just below the central panel Possibility of activating the lighting with continuous chromatic variation or possibility of stopping on the desired color
3 fan speeds selectable by control panel (High, Mid, Sleep)
“Sleep” function, for the maximum silence: the LED turns off to not disturb sleeping
Operation timer 2-4-8 hours
Light indication when filter needs to be replaced





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